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With great passion for Seafood, EuroFoodLink has been established as your direct connection to seafood sourcing from around the world. Our role is to be the “eyes, ears and hands” of our customers as their service provider for frozen seafood products.

Our Why

By reverting the approach to the supply chain, EuroFoodLink is offering a personalised sourcing solution to suit the specific requirements of our customers. Based on a wide network of dedicated specialists around the globe, EuroFoodLink targets to find the most ideal solution based on extensive experience and solid market information which is continuously updated.


Our target is to be the sourcing partner for our customers.

We base ourselves on the specific requirements of our customers and offer a full service seafood sourcing operation. By working in close partnership with our customers, we can combine our mutual strenghts and forces to reach the synergetic advantages which make 1 and 1 become 3 and we all have an obvious win-win situation.

EuroFoodLink has a network of privately owned subsidiaries in strategic sourcing locations around the world. Our employees are mainly Europeans who have been living in their new environment since many years.
By combining the European way of thinking and working, with the local culture and mentality we manage to find the best of both worlds.


Our customers can expect from EuroFoodLink a full service seafood sourcing operation. We work directly with the source for all products that we handle, which allows us to always have all available information to make a solid judgement call.Support for our customers is in all parts of the supply chain. Not just by controlling the final product, but we start from the very beginning. Our dedicated partners allow us to offer support in quality, marketing, packaging and logistics. For the customers this means that they have access to direct sourcing from Asia, based on our consolidated volumes, without having the necessity to be establish a seafood purchasing / sourcing department. We offer full flexibility to our customers, based on our clear intention to establish a long term partnership in which our joined forces lead to the best possible result.

Patrick Oomen

Sales director

After graduating from International Business School in France, I have started my professional career. Since more than 15 years I have been actively travelling the world, to explore business opportunities for food products. Both imports to Europe as well as exports from Europe have been part of my business, which has brought me to all corners of the world.

Seafood is my passion and really I have dedicated my career to bringing top quality products to my customers. For more than 10 years I have specialized in the seafood industry and very thankful for the experience.

My idea of EuroFoodLink is to offer the missing link in this industry, the link which opens the market potential between professionals.

The concept has proven to answer to a specific demand in the market, confirming the potential for future. Gladly I will discuss with you to investigate the possibilities we can explore together.

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