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About Us

Why work with EuroFoodLink? What is the added value you can bring to our company? These are questions we get asked all the time by customers when we start talking for the first time. Clearly we realize that we live in a world which allows us to have information available with a click on your telephone and communication has never been simpler. But between writing a message and understanding the meaning, there is a world of difference. Based on our know-how and experience, based on our expertise and day-to-day presence in the countries of sourcing, we are always working up-to-date market information which allows to find the right solution for the products our customers are looking for. The whole year round, we find solid solutions for products at any budget.

EuroFoodLink is your eyes, ears and hands in the world of frozen seafood!

Passion for seafood

Reliable business partner

Direct connection and communication

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How do we operate?

Our goal is to be the sourcing partner for our customers. We base ourselves on the specific guidelines of our customers and offer a 'full service' sourcing option. By working closely with our customers, we can join forces and take advantage of the benefits. As a result, we create a clear win-win situation. EuroFoodLink has a wide network of private subsidiaries in the countries where our products come from, all over the world. Our employees are Europeans who have been working and living in these countries for many years. By combining our thinking and working with the local culture and mentality, we create the best of both worlds.

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What do we do?

EuroFoodLink customers can expect full service from us. We work directly with the source of the products, in order to have all the information to make the right choices. We support our customers throughout the entire supply chain: not only with regard to the final product, but also in areas such as marketing, quality control, packaging and logistics. This makes us the direct link for our customer to access the source of the product in Asia, without them having to set up their own purchasing department. Our flexible attitude moves along with the customer and it is always our intention to enter into a long and lasting partnership. By combining our strengths, we can achieve the best result.

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Interested in our services?

We are happy to help you with your search for a specific product, questions or order.