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EuroFoodLink is your trusted sourcing specialist for a diverse range of frozen Crustaceans. We diligently source Lobster, Scampi, and an assortment of Crab species from around the globe to meet your specific demands. Our extensive network allows us to cater to a wide variety of preferences. We offer a range of options, including locally caught European products such as Scampi from the North Sea. Additionally, we source materials from vibrant regions like the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia, ensuring we can accommodate all your requirements. We provide both unprocessed raw materials directly from skilled fishermen and convenient processed products that are packed and ready for distribution. Contact us to find the perfect Crustacean products that meet your preferences and needs.

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We specialize in sourcing premium Lobster (Panulirus argu...

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Norway Lobster \ Scampi

We take pride in sourcing the finest Scampi (Nephrops nor...

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Soft Shell Crab

We take pride in sourcing high-quality Soft Shell Crab (S...

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EuroFoodLink excels in finding the way to deliver exceptional Crustaceans. We meticulously purchase and monitor the quality of our crustacean products, adhering to the highest standards. With a focus on sizing, processing, and delivery requirements, we provide the appropriate crustaceans to match your specifications. From whole crabs to shelled and cleaned options, our crustaceans are sourced and prepared according to your preferences.

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