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EuroFoodLink excels in sourcing a wide range of premium frozen seafood products. As your trusted partner, we bring our expertise and extensive market knowledge to provide you with exceptional quality and a diverse selection of Various Products. With years of experience and a deep understanding of sourcing markets, we navigate the global landscape to find the perfect solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Various products we offer

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Ebi Fry

EuroFoodLink is your source for Ebi Fry. We directly impo...

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Torpedo Shrimps

Torpedo Shrimps are a seafood dish consisting of shrimp c...

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Breaded Butterfly Shrimps

EuroFoodLink is your source for Breaded Butterfly Shrimps...

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Tempura Shrimps

Tempura Shrimps are a seafood dish consisting of shrimp c...

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Filo Shrimps

EuroFoodLink is your source for Filo Shrimps. We directly...

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Potato Shrimps

EuroFoodLink is your source for Potato Shrimps. We direct...

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Sushi Ebi

Our pre-cooked prawns are peeled and butterflied for your...

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Nobashi Ebi

EuroFoodLink is your source for Nobashi Ebi. We directly ...

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Frog Legs

Our Frog Legs are directly imported from our selected far...

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With EuroFoodLink as your trusted source, you can expect the utmost quality when it comes to Shellfish. We possess the expertise to navigate the market and carefully procure our shellfish products, guaranteeing superior taste and freshness. We pay close attention to your sizing, processing, and delivery preferences, offering a range of shellfish options that meet your specific requirements. Whether you desire plump mussels or delicate scallops, our selection of shellfish is tailored to elevate your culinary creations.

At EuroFoodLink, our experience and knowledge guide us in sourcing the finest various products for you. We meticulously purchase and monitor the quality of our diverse range of products, ensuring that they meet your exacting standards. From specialty ingredients to versatile options, we understand the importance of providing products that match your specific needs. We take into consideration your sizing, processing, and delivery requirements, delivering a comprehensive selection that caters to your culinary aspirations.

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