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EuroFoodLink is here to fulfill your frozen Cephalopods needs. We specialize in providing Squid, Cuttlefish, and Octopus from around the world, tailored to your specific needs. We have you covered with a wide range of options. Our locally caught European Squid and Cuttlefish come straight from the North Sea. In addition, we source materials from South America, Africa, and Asia, ensuring a diverse selection. Whether you're looking for unprocessed raw materials straight from the fisherman or ready-to-go processed products, we've got you covered. Our processed items are conveniently packed and ready for distribution. Experience the convenience and reliability of EuroFoodLink. Contact us today for all your frozen Cephalopod sourcing requirements.

Cephalopods we offer

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At EuroFoodLink, we bring you an extensive range of Squid...

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At EuroFoodLink, we bring you a wide range of Octopus opt...

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Sepia - Cuttlefish

Cuttlefish, also known as Sepia (Sepia officinalis), is a...

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At EuroFoodLink, our expertise in the market ensures that we always navigate with precision. We carefully select and procure our Cephalopods to guarantee exceptional quality. With meticulous attention to sizing, processing, and delivery, we provide you with products that meet your exact requirements. From 'head on, shell on' to 'cleaned and ready to cook,' our Cephalopods are tailored to your specifications, delivering a superior culinary experience.

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