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EuroFoodLink is your sourcing specialist for frozen Shellfish. From around the world we offer several kinds of products to suit your demand. From locally caught North American materials (Scallops), to materials from South America and Asia, we manage all !! For Shellfish, our main focus is to work with processed and packed products which are ready for industrial use or wholesale distribution.

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Argentina Red Shrimps

We offer Argentina Red Shrimps (Pleoticus muelleri) sourc...

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Sepia - Cuttlefish

Cuttlefish, also known as Sepia (Sepia officinalis), is a...

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prawns in filo pic grande

Filo Shrimps

EuroFoodLink is your source for Filo Shrimps. We directly...

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Red Snapper

EuroFoodLink specializes in sourcing premium quality Red ...

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