We specialize in sourcing premium Lobster (Panulirus argus) from the bountiful Caribbean Sea. Our Lobsters are caught and imported from reputable regions such as Nicaragua, Colombia, and the Bahamas. We have established partnerships with select processing factories that can fulfill various requirements, including Whole Raw Lobster, Whole Cooked Lobster, and delectable Lobster Tails. In addition to Caribbean Lobsters, we offer an array of warm-water Lobster species from destinations like the Galapagos Islands and various African countries along the West and East Coast. For those seeking the distinct flavors of cold water Lobsters, our partners in Europe have direct sourcing connections with Canadian fishermen, enabling us to bring you the finest Homarus americanus Lobsters. We cater to diverse preferences and offer an assortment of Lobster options. From traditional "Cooked Lobster Popsicles" to Raw Lobster and tender Lobster Meat, we are dedicated to finding the best-suited possibilities to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to explore our extensive selection and experience and discover our Lobster products. Cold water Lobsters from Canada (Homarus americanus) are available through our partners in Europe who have direct sourcing with the fishermen. Traditional "Cooked Lobster Popsicles", Raw Lobster and Lobster Meat, we will always find the best suitable possibility.


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