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Black Tiger Shrimps

Black Tiger Shrimps (Penaeus mondon), also known as Tiger Prawn. We import these shrimps from our selected farms and processing partners in Bangladesh, India, Indonesië and Vietnam. On this page you can find more information about the different options with regards to sizes, variations and countries of origin. The production of our Black Tiger Shrimps are supervised by our local staff and subjected to a thorough inspection before the goods are allowed to be shipped. All our products are processed and packed according to customers' instructions, to ensure the quality is a perfect match.

Penaeus monodon


HOSO Head On Shell On
HOSO BP Head On Shell On Body Peel
HLSO Headless Shell On
HLSO EP Headless Shell On Easy Peel
PD Peeled & Deveined
PDTO Peeled Deveined & Tail On
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Blanched Shrimps  
Cooked Shrimps  
shrimp skewers  
sushi toppings  
breaded shrimps  

Product origin

EuroFoodLink is offering Black Tiger Shrimps (Penaeus monodon) from locally farmed sources in Bangladesh and Vietnam. We regularly visit the shrimp farming areas to survey the working and farming conditions, to check the quality of the raw materials which are harvested and transported to the processing factories.

Majority of our Black Tiger Shrimps are sourced from Bangladesh, which is exclusively offering semi-intensive farmed raw materials. The taste and color is very natural.

From Vietnam we are offering semi-intensive farmed Black Tiger Shrimps, but we are also offerig ASC certified shrimps from selected factories.

During certain months of the year and based on seasonal availability, we can provide so-called Ocean Tiger Shrimps which are basically Penaeus monodon - wild caught. These products are also available in very big sizes, perfect for premium quality buyers.


Depending on the request of our customers, we can always find the suitable solution.

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EuroFoodLink is specialized in offering "private label packaging", which basically means that all our products are packed according to customers' requirements and instructions.

We are offering products "ready packed" for sales in retail and wholesale, products packed in printed cartons or bags - we manage the process from design to printing. All packaging is carefully checked to comply with local regulations in the country of distribution, to allow a smooth operation once the goods are delivered.

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