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Packaging & Marketing

Quality starts at the very beginning, the raw materials. We are carefully selecting our sourcing partners from source to final processing. Together with our local partners, we select the raw materials from selected sources only. This way,we can ensure the quality and the consistent supply and availability throughout the year.

How do we operate?

Protecting the product

Quality branding and marketing

Design by a professional designer

Your specialist in seafood packaging

Are you looking for the right packaging for your fish, crustaceans or shellfish? Optimal packaging protects your product against external influences, guarantees a smooth transport process and has a marketing function that is becoming increasingly important.

EuroFoodLink goes one step further. With a team of packaging designers, we help you to market your product attractively. The packaging is provided with all correct and legally required information. Together, we work on the ultimate design for the right proposition within the sales market for which the product is intended.

Packaging that goes beyond

  • Protection of the product
  • Custom packaging units
  • Listings of legal information
  • Attractive design

Interested in our services?

Do you have a question about packaging management? Or requirements concerning the supply chain of fish products and seafood? EuroFoodLink offers you advice on packaging solutions and collaborates with you to create the optimal design! Want to know more? Contact us, we are happy to help!

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Looking for a specialized partner in Frozen Seafood Sourcing? EuroFoodLink would like to know more about your needs and determine how we can support you. Please contact us!!