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Expert sourcing

Quality starts at the very beginning, the raw materials. We are carefully selecting our sourcing partners from source to final processing. Together with our local partners, we select the raw materials from selected sources only. This way,we can ensure the quality and the consistent supply and availability throughout the year.

How do we operate?

The best quality products

Securely selected sourcing partners

Local employees


Punctual purchasing partner

Controlling the chain from A to Z, this concept has proven to be the key to ensuring a solid and consistent quality for our customers. Quality starts with the basics, with high-quality products and partners. EuroFoodLink therefore carefully selects its partners, from fishing and processing to transport and storage.

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Together with our local partners worldwide, we carry an up-to-date and diverse range of products, directly from the source. This is the only way we can offer the right information, quality, a consistent supply and a year-round range of fish, crustaceans and shellfish to our customers.

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Know more about our services

Looking for a specialized partner in Frozen Seafood Sourcing? EuroFoodLink would like to know more about your needs and determine how we can support you. Please contact us!!