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Value Added Shrimps

In collaboration with our trusted processing partners in Vietnam, we offer an extensive range of Value Added Shrimps.

Value Added Shrimps


We provide a diverse selection of value-added shrimp options, including various sizes, packing styles, and breading types. Our current lineup features highly sought-after items that are popular among our customers:

- Ebi Fry Shrimps: These breaded and deep-fried shrimps are a delicious and crispy choice, perfect for various culinary applications.

- Torpedo Shrimps: Known for their unique shape, Torpedo Shrimps offer an attractive presentation and a delightful texture when cooked.

- Tempura Shrimps: Our Tempura Shrimps are expertly prepared and coated in a light, crispy batter, making them an excellent addition to any tempura dish.

- Sushi Ebi: Specially selected and prepared, our Sushi Ebi is ideal for sushi enthusiasts, offering a premium shrimp option for sushi rolls and nigiri.

- Nobashi Ebi: These elongated, peeled shrimps are meticulously processed and renowned for their impressive size and visual appeal, making them a standout ingredient in various culinary creations.

- Filo Shrimps: Succulent raw tail-on king prawn rolls in a light filo pastry

- Potato Shrimps: A cooked and peeled, tail on shrimp, being wrapped in crunchy potato strings. A delicious snack that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

- Breaded Butterfly Shrimps: Made of shrimp halves that are connected lengthwise at a thin center and coated with breadcrumbs. Perfect for appetizers, seafood salads and sandwiches.

Contact us today to find the perfect options that meet your requirements.

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