From A to Z we coordinate, elaborate and control the products for our customers. Raw material selection, processing coordination, packaging design and of course quality control, our team of experts is constantly in the factories to ensure that our customers receive the best product according to agreed specifications.

Raw Material Selection

Quality starts at the very beginning, the raw materials. We are carefully selecting our sourcing partners from source to final processing. Together with our local partners, we select the raw materials from selected sources only. By working in this way,we can ensure the quality for our customers but more importantly the consistent supply and availability throughout the year.

Controlling the chain from A to Z, this concept has proven to be the key to ensuring a solid and consistent quality for our customers.


Packaging has many functions, which are all very important. Protecting the products is vital, but of course the marketing function is becoming more and more important.

We offer the service of packaging design through our design team. Together we work on the layout and design to suit your markets’ demands, but of course we also work together to ensure that the packaging is according to the latest regulations.

Quality Control

EuroFoodLink has local employees in each sourcing country it operates. By controlling through our own employees (instead of agents), we are always working objectively in the best interests of our customers.


Logistics service partners ensure the smooth transport and clearance of your products. EuroFoodLink is working with shipping lines and coordinate the required import documents, so the imports can be handled smoothly by the importer.

Based on our know-how and experience, our goal is to find the best solution for our customers which allows a delivery on time without any delay when arriving to destination.


Market knowledge and information is the key to strategic planning. We collect as much information as possible, which we will use to present a sourcing recommendation to our customer. After analysis of all the sourcing information but also the situation and activity on the local markets in Europe, we are always working together with our customers to advise the most suitable strategic sourcing solution.




Let's Work Together!

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